Signage Experts Share Insights

Retailers hoping to implement better signage strategies had the opportunity to hear experts from Lexington, Ky.-based Lexmart International Inc., explain the cost-efficient and effective ways print and digital signage can enable convenience stores to drive foot traffic and lift sales.

As part of a live videocast April 4, entitled Brighter Strategies Through Signage hosted by CS/TEK, John Linton, director of global retail and manufacturing for Lexmark and Craig Bertelsen, Lexmark’s global industry retail consultant tackled a bevy of signage topics including retailers can leverage their brand through signage while better engaging today’s savvy consumer.

Signage has become an important tool for c-stores because it’s the first impression that customers gather when entering a store location.

“Today we are really focused on the inside of the store looking at the customer informative signs that direct customers to product,” said Linton. “These could be digital displays (end caps, digital menu boards, and other digital signs), printed signs, shelf-edge pricing labels and talkers or even electronic shelf labels. It’s an important part of the store operation for it’s your main vehicle for communication to the customer about products and promotions in your store.”

Lexmark has been working with store signage for more than 25 years often as the printer provider. Over the years, the company has partnered with many software companies and even 3rd party print providers to provide the most beneficial service to customers.


More and more, c-store chains are seeing the benefits of digital signage, which is becoming a more accepted way of the future.

“Common today we see the larger screens especially in the convenience store space. These are typically menu boards,” said Linton. “The benefit here is that it is large signage that can be changed often, it can be colorful and there can be motion. It’s all about catching the consumer’s eye and driving them to a sale. This is the reason why food and beverage product packaging is so colorful.”

Whether its print signage or digital options, without proper messaging at the store shelf, consumers have little information to make buying decisions, which can result in lackluster sales and missed upsell opportunities for retailers, Linton said.

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05 Apr 2018

By CSD Staff