CS/TEK Videocast Sponsorship

What is a Videocast?

CS/TEK videocasts are video broadcast events featuring industry and thought leaders presenting live to a worldwide audience, with engaging content and live video at the same time.  Videocasts are often hosted or moderated by a representative from a sponsoring company, who introduces the keynote speaker or speakers.  Videocasts can be as long or a short as desired, but are often about one hour in duration.

Global live stream audience members can post IM Chat questions for the presenter(s) during the presentation, and the moderator can pose those questions by live video to the presenter for live video response.  

CS/TEK videocasting services include all technical aspects of set up, live stream broadcast, recording and transcription of video-enabled events, for as many remote locations/speakers as necessary.  The live stream is available as a public or password-protected link, to a worldwide online audience as large or small as preferred.

A Hit with Viewers!

CS/TEK live videocasts are extremely well-received by viewers, who note that the combined live-video-and-content presentations are much more engaging and interesting than typical online webinars.  Cutting edge content with tailored messaging makes videocasts an especially effective way to reach your target audience.

Real Follow-up Opportunities

Sometimes it's hard to judge if your webinar had an impact. CS/TEK videocasts provide viewer metrics, registered attendee contact details and actual viewer emails.  Even more importantly, all videocast presenters get an active company profile on the CS/TEK platform, allowing for immediate follow-up by integrated video meetings with interested viewers.  


CS/TEK Videocast Partners

CS/TEK videocasts are promoted via publication and trade association partnerships, tailored to specific audiences:

About Convenience Store Decisions:

Convenience Store Decisions Magazine is a monthly BPA-audited print publication reaching 41,000+ c-store retailers and wholesalers who run convenience store chains and operate non-traditional convenience stores in airports, colleges, universities and military bases. Editorially, CSD delivers insight, analysis, market research and business intelligence that help retailers grow sales and profits.

CS Decisions will be promoting these events via its 41,000 monthly readers, 50,000+ monthly web visitors and 20,000 daily opt-in newsletter recipients, as well as its National Advisory Group (NAG) base of retail members and custom e-blasts.

CStoreDecisions.com is the c-store industry’s online portal to everything that has to do with running a convenience chain. Specifically, CStoreDecisions.com offers a virtual meeting place for c-store retailers, convenience store suppliers, and c-store distributors to stay abreast of convenience store industry trends, new product offerings and category management best practices.  Includes regular CStoreDecisions Enewsletters. 

CStoreDecisions Social - with thousands of LinkedIn users, Facebook fans and Twitter followers, CStoreDecisions has an actively engaged social media audience.

Why Sponsor a CS/TEK Videocast

CS/TEK videocasts provide content marketing solutions.  Whether you're trying to build your sales pipeline, enhance your industry position or launch a new product, a custom-crafted CS/TEK videocast can help you create the right mix of promotion and content solutions.

Content Development

CS/TEK's team of subject matter experts can help you craft your content and presentation to best engage with your target audience.  We can help with presentation slidedecks, whitepapers and uploaded platform content.

Thought Leadership

CS/TEK can help you position your company's personnel as thought leaders in your field, through insightful presentations and shared content.

Attendee Participation

CS/TEK's extensive outreach via opt-in marketing and educational media channels, assures you of maximum attendee participation at your sponsored videocast.  Easy-to-use banners, custom email templates and CS/TEK videocast event marketing resources are at your disposal to help you reach your target audience.

Product Promotion and Lead Generation

Through carefully crafted videocast messaging, CS/TEK can help you launch a new product, highlight specific products or services and generate concrete sales leads.  Take advantage of CS/TEK's integrated instant video meeting booking and hosting tool to meet immediately after your videocast with interested customers.

What's Included in Videocast Sponsorship

Exclusive Sponsorship ($6.950)

Videocast event page banner ad

Shared Sponsorship (3 available per videocast; $3,500 each)

Site-wide 3-Mobile banner ad


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